Thursday, June 23, 2011



AM I? ... ARE YOU?

Am I worthy of the love you possess?
Not pretty enough for your passionate caress

Am I exactly the love you desire?
Or am I just the ice, that drives away the fire?

Am I someone special to you?
Holding on desperately to the love I knew

Am I strong enough to carry on?
Aware that one day you might be gone

Am I destined to be apart of your soul?
Or will you be another who takes a piece to go?


Are you willing to share your heart,
With someone who is falling apart?

Are you able to give me some space,
And trust my word in any case?

Are you strong enough to carry us both,
When the edge for me grows to close?

Are you the man whose right for me?
Weighing you down with all my needs

Are you sure you want to try?
Even at the risk of saying good-bye?

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

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