Monday, June 27, 2011


Caught up in a system of ridiculous rules
Where pen and paper have become my tools
These walls, my bed and one single stool
Have become the home to this over-achieved fool

Craving the life I took for granted
Just look at where my mistakes have landed
To go back in time and correct what happened
Is but a wish we all want handed

Tomorrow is another 24 hours away
But it's just as redundant as it is today
No smile sets itself upon this face
Just want to re-join the human race

Can I start from where I left off
Unfortunately, my future has paid the cost
My freedom, my pride, has all been robbed
And now these walls are all I’ve got

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. Thanx!! .. Hate to say this is from my experience haha but it is. It happens, never will again haha.