Friday, August 30, 2013


In various degrees we obtain a need
To collectively believe that beauty never bleeds

Welcome to a nationally re-run video game
Controlled by the herd of "popular names"

Strength never gives up on tomorrow
Even if the competitive forces of a crooked soul
Recycle the love once borrowed

Obstacles become a greater few
When you learn the majority, single handidly 
Manipulated your views

As time redefines the beauties flesh
You perceive love and what it does
At it's worst and at it's best

Skilled are the verses that impose a role
Acts that question, ones intention
About whose really in control

The path to me could lead to you
Become the voice you never knew
And become the strength of the greater few

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 


  1. I love the pic ... it speaks volumes ...

  2. wonderfuL write powerhouse of meaning n thought angel you are miles ahead of your time me thinKs special one bx

  3. Beautifully written with a powerful sense of passion! This is a truly uplifting piece of poetry! Fantastic!

  4. thank you for the wonderful comments and takin the time to read my work. I really appreciate it!! :)