Saturday, August 24, 2013

In This Life 

In this life I've tasted pain
I became a victim to heartless games

In this life I've dealt with fear
I've choked on several transparent tears

In this life I've fought my way up
Now in a cloud of depression I've been stuck

In this life my scars once bled
When I believed in all the lies you fed

In this life I've been stabbed in the back
Because everyone wants it all, a sad true fact

In this life I've shed my blood to feel
What part of my heart next, will you steal?

In this life I've struggled to be myself
In a society where everyone is just like everyone else

In this life I've been tempted by death
To take my life and forget the rest

In this life mistakes were made
But each path leads to a brand new day

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

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