Tuesday, July 10, 2012


People pass unaware
Taking advantage of limited air
Going about their routine lives
Each passing day, another sacrifice

If tomorrow was late,
Who would we blame?
Would we understand,
If it never came?

The secret lyes in the depths of time
Keep moving forward and you will find
Help denied for pleading eyes

Would you help, would you care
Why my feelings, did no one spare?
Hidden behind, pleading eyes

It’s to late, it has been done
No light to shine through, the blackened sun
I am proof of my demise
Pain frozen, pleading eyes

Your eyes speak of pain
Your heart lacks a beat
Is there a chance
To be emotionally free?

Mentally drained
But the soul was saved
Attached to a lack of love inside
Crying out from pleading eyes

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 


  1. Just keep playing ... the game ... or not ... it's up to you .... there is a lot of people looking up to you, don't forget ... eh? .... Love, cat.

  2. One must always continue to play .. until you have no cards left to play. The good and bad make for a poetic coping tool .. Thank you always for your support!! :)

  3. I have found that poetry to be a good outlet for pented up emotions. Your verse reminds me of my own shattered soul. I thank you.

  4. It always honors me when someone can relate to my words .. wether they are the hardest pieces of life to digest or the most beautiful moments .. someone can relate. Thank you Eugene for reading and responding!! :)