Tuesday, June 5, 2012

* This is my Victim Impact Statement for my step dads trial. He was killed by, Kristy Fox, a drunk driver August 21st 2011 and she will be sentenced in July 2012 (current sentencing date of June 26th has been changed to July 27th). How you do you make a whole statement of "I HATE YOU"??


Honorable Judge,

    On August 21st 2011, Kristy Fox stole the greatest gift our family ever received, Jon T. Dano. An honorable husband, father and friend. A spirit so unique that through his 2 different colored eyes you saw a person who found beauty in everything.

    Only 18 years we got to share with Jon ... 18 years was not enough!!! Selfish people live so carelessly and yet, she gets to live to see another day. Kristy Fox will never see the brilliant mechanic Jon was. Or how many numerous people he helped by utilizing his craft. She will never get to see the Grandpa who enjoyed every minute he spent playing and teaching with his grandson Malachai. She will never get to hear his laugh .. or see his smile. She will never realize how hard our family worked to be this strong. And now, because of her, we will never see those things again either.

    Our family can only hope that Kristy Fox sits for a long time dwelling with the guilt of stealing another life. In the accident report Kristy smugly tells the officer that she feels its ok for her to drink again in the future. A person who was not only drinking on the anti-depressant, Wellbutrin, but who was also taking insulin for Type 2 Diabetes. This does not sound like a responsible adult or a remorseful person. She completely dis-concerns her own medical status so why would she care for the well-being of others? She not only caused the fatal crash with Jon but she also put in harms way another vehicle containing children.

It's not fair that we never got to say good-bye
It's not fair that you are here and Jon is not
No punishment will ever make your heart break like ours
So in the arms of Justice... We will watch you rot

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 


  1. very well said Angel..i wish this could go big time viral . she needs to be exposed and servr humility til her dying day of how she carelessly murdered an innocent man. she should never have the opportunity to live this down. rip jon. sincerly Tammy j Fletcher.

  2. RIP Jon T. Dano ... and peace to you and your family, Angel ... Love, cat.

  3. Thank you both .. Drinking and Driving seems to be a growing epidemic .. Its sad to know there are so many irresponsible people out there

    1. u r right as always baby girl keep on rockin girl u got this i love you sooo much never give up k i wont if u dont xoxox

  4. Your impact statement made me cry. I hope your family recieves justice today,
    I also hope that others see what has happened and think twice before doing something so selfish and careless as drive while intoxicated. This should never happen to anyones family. My heart goes out to you and yours.

  5. Thank you .. Kristy Fox recieved 20 years for killing my stepdad + 10 years for endangering the other people and kids in the other car. Whats sad is she can be up for parole after 5 .. I will be at those hearings to make sure she stays locked up. Jon is missed by many everyday!!!