Thursday, June 14, 2012


Words entangled, lost in thought
Stumbled through life but never forgot
That my heart resembles the balance of my beat

Minds that manifest a melody
Impact another abstract form of beauty
In a world where I allow my heart to guide my feet

Designed a destination outside the box
Believing that dreams are not just bought
If you never give up on a persevering mind

View the way a soul can express
That broken hearts can bare the test
By letting go and finally enjoying life

Don't lose faith and be reckless with time
Reinforce your confidence the further you climb
Because if you look back once, chances may disappear

Surround yourself by what you feel is real
A solider on this emotional battle field
Another brave heart goes on despite the fist of fear

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

1 comment:

  1. Very heartfelt poem.It sounds like youve had a hard life and are pursueing youre dreams.Im sure you wil. You sound like a strong person.