Thursday, June 28, 2012

my Soul

As I vent the causualties of my soul
The term "determined" resonates like the
Most perfect pitch of each days melody

For a split second, that uncontrollable urge to
"Give-up" devours that very shaky foundation I
Have laid before these feet .. these tired feet

Voices are all I have to re-connect me to a world
I grew apart of for 31 years and in but one
Farewell, I waved good-bye to everything I knew

True, you live but only one life, and in this life
I live to create a beat that reflects that person
I have penned in these lines .. Angel Marie Campbell

I live on HOPE - to find my path ... I depend
on COURAGE - to achieve my goals ... I absorb
the LOVE ... of those I consider my family and friends

So, as I vent the casualties of my soul
I leave these poetic chapters of an Angel's journey
That embrace the verses of what life bestows

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

1 comment:

  1. Angel, sweet like fists and soft like teeth, determination shrugs and laughs, not like the little jagged pills, but tears a cheek with broken glass; Stand defiant and alone, but stand indeed and stand thy ground, where sweet meets darkness in the gloam.