Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Forging hesitantly ahead on the rusted out
tracks that life has gracefully placed
between the womb and tomb
Clad in a collision course of commemorative
failures and under-appreciated accomplishments
is but the coal we consume

Scenery seeming to fly by at a rate to
unrealistically able to appreciate, but yet,
In our everyday pace we still seem to forget
that, TODAY, will not be like the next

Most of our courses fall astray beyond
the comfort of what makes you ... You
There's no map for life or destination plan
to explain the road you choose

If you pay attention to every bend and every turn
There's a path you won't expect
Success can truly be found from within
The pieces of life's wreck

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 


  1. Trains, planes and automobiles ... our breathless souls are trying hard to keep up with ourseves ...

  2. Thank you Brad and Kat for checkin out my work!! .. It really means alot!! :)