Monday, February 13, 2012



Feeling depressed and feeling low
Won’t get you were you want to go
Try taking one day at a time
Instead of weighing down your mind
Enjoy the simple things of life
And don’t left anger built up inside
Don’t let others bring you down
They’re not the type to be around
Surround yourself with what you love
Take pride in accomplishing what you’ve done


The clock ticks and the pendulum swings
There’s magic in life and all things
The greatest of all is the human mind
So much to learn…so little time
A day spent in morbid sorrow
Is time wasted, there’s many tomorrows
Don’t spend time being so sad
There’s many a joy to be had
Increase your knowledge and seek pleasure
Enjoy life!  It’s a golden treasure!

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell and John Guerra

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