Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today we sit embracing the memories we have made
Anticipating the floor-plans to the futures of tomorrow
Stepping eagerly into a world those before us have paved
Creating and maintaing a future those behind us will follow

It took the hard-work of many to help mold our minds
The courage of teachers...parents...friends and family's
Who believe in the youth and through strength defined
The adults who now sit, diploma in hand, looking on enthusiastically

True dedication as each class brought challenges and strife
Inspiring those who fought to never give up
To look beyond the grades that don't exist in real life
Because this day would prove, hard work pays off

Education allows those dreams of being a doctor
The preparation to help save those lives
Or maybe the next president here sits
Graduating with the knowledge of representing mankind

Wether it be a teacher, a lawyer or biologist
It's those long nights of studying that brough you here
Maybe an engineer, music major or future chemist
And now a world awaiting these traits, grows near

Go forth today but don't forget these years
Never give up and set your goals in site
Allow me to welcome you to a new world of peers
And engage in each tomorrow, a tomorrow that you design

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

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