Monday, August 8, 2011


Without a word I know your thoughts
From scars I’ve seen how hard you fought

Fear is seen within your eyes
My heart can hear your silent cries

There’s nothing weak about a tear
It’s what's inside I long to near

No need to say a single word
Love is better seen than heard

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. I love this poem! Heartfelt, and comforting..Beautiful!

  2. I love this and the photo prompt matches the poem perfectly. Nice one Angel. :)

  3. Emotionally piercing. Great writing. Libby @Libbypoetry

  4. Love how you rhyme. I wish I could do that half as well.

    And your poem speaks Truth.

  5. Lovely little rhymes, with a sound ending - as they say, actions speak louder than words, and love is surely no exception!

  6. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and takin the time to check out my work!! .. It makes sharing my thoughts and words worth every tear and or smile that goes into my work. So much appreciate from me to all of you!!

  7. interesting piece - some heartfelt sentiment; can't hep feeling you'd be better off on these subjects ditching end-rhymes actually, in my opinion they are counterproductive

  8. .... Thanx for ur thoughts on my poetry Luke. Rhyming has always kind of came naturally to my writing in a poetic world where people can be sticklers when it comes down to formatting your pieces. I do have non-rhyming poems but like I said it kind of just comes out of me like that. Thanx for checkin out my work even tho its not teally ur style. I appreciate all the feedback.

  9. It's not that it's not my style. I rhyme a lot. But once you're going with end-rhyming couplets/tercets/quatrains/whatever, you're then writing in form, and with it comes the need to make those rhymes bang on, and also make the lines scan together tight as a drum. These are the strictures of form. Some fin d it harder, Personally it is often easier for me when the Muse has gone on vacation. What I meant was, unless you're gonna get these aspects tight as hell in a piece that expresses emotion like yours does, it can come off as having an air of levity you wouldn't intend (the rhyme, if it's in any way corny/predictable/cliched), comical even. Your lines are metrically pretty tight here in this instance (solid tetrameter), and the couplets are nice structurally, but I felt as I read that you traded better words for ones that end-rhyme and resulting in some corniness/cliche of phrasing. I'd also be inclined to avoid words like heart/cries/love - if someone can write a poem on this topic using less well-worn language to express such things, and 99% of the time avoid words like these ('soul' IMHO is an absolute no-no for several reasons, not that you've used it here), then they've probably written an immense poem. Do you see what Im getting at? You probably think I'm a critical bastard now, in which case I apologise for upsetting you. I read and critique a massive amount of poetry every week (and write quite a lot too), but this doesn't give me license to offend people.


  10. All i can say is wow yo. I dont design my poetry around structures like cuplets and whatnot. Ive never studied poetic forms .. i write how I feel.

  11. Nothing wrong with that. Some of the greatest poets I know have no formal poetry education whatsoever. Just know if you send me links I'll give opinions. And they may be long and involved.

    I don't think it's a bad poem, but we can always improve, can't we? There's no such thing as the perfect artwork. I have much to learn and improve on, I know it.

    Peace and love and ting