Thursday, August 4, 2011


Deception's a mans favorite tool
And once again I am the fool

You said you were different and I believed
But through your lies I can see

I know that distance is a painful fact
These eyes have wept cause we did not last

Your love has faded…its normal I guess
But you stole what was left beneath this chest

Why even try? When we know the cost
And deep down we already knew we lost

Fuck love because It doesn’t exist
Personal satisfaction has replaced it

When something seems too good to be true
It probably is so avoid the noose

If love was meant to last forever
Than we would still be together

Relationships are just a waste of time
Because one loves and the other one lies

I’ve given up this over-rated word
And digested all I need to learn

Don’t place value on what others say
Unless you like emotional pain

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. sucks! But because it does, we get great writes like this. It's the perfect catch22. And to think, I thought I was coming to read a write on rainbows and butterflies! ;) Seriously, your power shines through above it all, and that power is what let's you define the liar much quicker than most would, I'm sure.

  2. Oh love... how our lives meddle with the ins and outs of something only philosophers should touch upon.

    My Gatha on "Lost Love":

    I cannot love thee
    I hate the word
    It despises my heart
    But does life love me?
    I will love life
    And life will love me
    When love dies
    Life and I will cease

  3. Thanx Natasha!! .. I knew the title of this poem would throw people off haha .. Love it! Love is defiently a strong emotion and the loss of love can be even stronger. Either way love or the loss of love makes people stronger. Thanx Again!! =)