Thursday, July 21, 2011


the strength of love has cured
a sadness within these veins
a smile lifted from a frown
as if hope had found a way

comforted in each others arms
a familiar yet new embrace
emotions that seemed all to brief
that no one can replace

maybe it would have been easier
to have stayed home that day
aware that i would have to leave
and take my love away

lost in a pool of tears i shed
i found that i am weak
even if i had it all
without you i'm not complete

i miss the warmth of your skin
and the way you smile at me
and the way our bodies felt
through passions we concieved

hesitant to expose my heart
and allow another to see
what truly lyes behind
a life of loveless misery

time slipped by way to fast
in a world we can not change
once we felt each others lips
it would never be the same

words dont seem strong enough
for what i want to say
it hurts to know that the one you love
lives so far away

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. Beautiful Poem. Flows well and is so true.

  2. Thanx Joe and Sean .. I find it easier to write about painful things in life so poetry that I have to dig deep for like this one, I can say I'm pretty proud of. Thanx again!!

  3. Thx for tweeting this to me! I found this to be so painful and longing... I love a poem that can make me feel what emotion is expressed in these words... nice work. you are followed.

  4. You convey complex, poignant emotions, with a very strong ending.

  5. Thanx Anthony!! .. I look forward to checking out your work as well!! .. Thanx again Dustus for checkin out my poetry!! .. Feedback always means alot to me!!