Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"on the counter or on the couch"
     As I press my flesh against your mouth
     taste the juices you cause to flow
     eager for your man-hood down below

"in the car or on the bike"
     you can have me anytime you like
     in the morning or late at night
     I promise i won't try to fight

"on the table or the grass"
     pull my hair and smack my ass
     slip it deep ... from behind
     it feels so good when you're inside

"in the bath or in the shower"
     you can have my body every hour
     to feel your flesh up against mine
     is one of life’s best times

"on a cloud or a cliff"
     upon my neck i feel your kiss
     your warm embrace a true pleasure
     i hope this feeling lasts forever

"in the bed or on the floor"
     as i whisper "more and more"
     I’ll crawl on top and ride your cock
     as you tell me not to stop

"on the rims or in the river"
     as long as we are together
     gazing into each others eyes
     is all i need to stay alive

"in the light or the dark"
      I’ve loved you from the very start
      so anytime you want my body
      I’m here when you're feeling naughty

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

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