Friday, July 8, 2011


Clenched fists
Salty rain
Society you’re the one to blame

Ignored the truth
Plowed the weak
Now revenge is what they seek

Opened fire
Now you cry
Tell me how it feels to die

Executed slaves
Of conformity
Who look down upon you and me

Paybacks a bitch
So were you
Now you’re the target, what do you do?

Exploited differences
To prove your better
Now lye’s your name in their final letter

Broken wings
An angel fell
Man’s created another hell

Displayed the hate
You showed for me
Cast away…don’t pity me

All I wanted
Was to be accepted
But from your world I was rejected

Years of torment
Have built this up
Because no one really gave a fuck

I did not choose
To become this way
Maybe you’ll learn from your mistakes

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. Nice job. The ABB singsong pattern works well, love how tone/theme contrast the way many singsonged pieces often work, being all cheery and all. Enjoyed the poem, thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for sharing, Angel. I just checked out your MySpace vids... stunned and awed. 'Come Alive' blows me away. Wail on.

  3. Oh sweet angle another song your poetry I know i keep saying this I really think Your meant to be a composing songs this is great as poem and again Id love to be writing music with this I alway hear straight away music in my head to your poetry beeutiful heartfelt said words hear many many will relate to darling always in Aus Beez :*))

  4. Thank you everyone!! .. I think being a musician I indirectly compose my poetry to adapt to song form. It was written to what would be the eyes of a school shooter. Im glad that my brass, real to life, words dont push people away with the reality i try to portray. I write about everything, good or bad. Martin her is a link to my facebook page .. it has my videos put to music .. thank you all for checkin out my work!!!/video/?id=769953917