Wednesday, July 6, 2011





No broken promises to erase
Or heartaches to mend
Where tears are shed in happiness
Between lovers and friends

A world of non-existing pain
Where greed gives way to unity
And competition lacks participants
To devour this nations equality

A life where jobs paid the same
And nobody was poor
Slowly developing humanitarism
Helping nature to restore

Where good deeds become contagious
And everyone wants to help
When people finally realize
That others also count

No more bullshit running rampant
To clog the veins of life
To bad it’s just a dream
Of an artificial paradise

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. Beautifully constructed, with a wonderful flow of words; all with meaning and depth of real life and the unfortunate realities. Especially loved how you tied the title into the last phrase of the poem. Excellent work! Cheers, Dave

  2. good job on this piece...hope that incriminates itself at the end.
    nice rhythm and sound, with an important message.
    thanks for sharing.