Thursday, June 16, 2011


Some of us live each day
As if tomorrows guaranteed
But most of us don’t understand
How fragile life can be

Some of us forgive our friends
Because they are all we got
Even if they let you down
The friendship never stops

Some of us live carelessly
Unconcerned by repercussions
But live how you choose to live
In a world bound by nothing

Some of us forget that life
Gets shorter everyday
When hours become seconds
Don’t let chances slip away

Some of us overlook
And escape unwanted tears
Turning to our vices
To make pain disappear

Some of us remember those
Who can’t be here today
Carrying on the memories
Of their precious face

Some of us don’t think its fair
How life can end so fast
Couldn’t even say good-bye
Before his life had past

Some of us can’t help but cry
Emotions on the loose
Letting go of loved ones
Is the hardest thing to do

In loving memory of:

Jon T. Dano
Tony Cas Havener
Terry Massing
Ramin Massing Sr
Jeff ( Hairboy ) Michaels
Jason Lancaster 
Lester Seyomour

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell



  1. I could feel the emotion in your words. Great piece!

  2. Very touching; the sorrow is reflected well in the verses.

  3. let me cry for you...beautiful Angel..

  4. Beautiful Angel...

  5. driven thru with emotion and a fitting tribute

  6. Thank you everyone .. Some of the best poems are the hardest to write.

  7. some of us don't forget
    we walk with lighter steps
    with midnight eyes and song surprise
    and nights we never slept.

    I like your stuff Angel. Music and poetry are a potent brew.

  8. Thank you Peach .. Music and poetry seem to go hand in hand .. Thank you for your response and taking the time to read my work!! =)