Wednesday, June 15, 2011




if opportunity happens to pass me by
and the odds against me become fair
a silver lining might shine through
but I don’t want to care

could the arms of love stayed strong
and if the miles didn’t have us scared
I bet our hearts would still be one
but I don’t want to care

another friend has bid farewell
their individuality becoming rare
are you content in another’s shoes?
don't answer...I don’t care

amazed to see this world revolve
through these toxins in the air
determined to filter through the mess
No! ... I don’t want to care

obligated to smile and pretend I have
the strength to help repair
how can you accept the way it is?
never mind ... I don't want to care

if tomorrow found a way to smile
these tears time would spare
offering this soul a second chance
a chance, to finally care

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. I enjoyed this piece. I'm glad that the end you give your self a chance to care.

  2. it is hard to care at times because it means we open ourselves us to feel which can be good and bad... i think it is worth the risk though

  3. oh, wow, I am so there right now. I cause myself so much pain and suffereing because I care too much at times. Going to talk to my therapist about that this week! Love the rhythm of this. Thanks for sharing it with me on Twitter.