Wednesday, May 25, 2011


words spoke in silence
thoughts heard aloud
tomorrow begins yesterday
a future falling down

victimized but stable
tainting the untouched
stones shedding tears
because hearts went unloved

proud to be a failure
the saddest soul to smile
obligated to nothing
secure in my denial

together we're apart
in this fake reality
bound to unlocked chains
an obvious conspiracy

broken hearts that beat
and veins running dry
immune to whats killing
each and every life

abrasivly gentle
bitterly sweet
happily hating
a successful defeat

sometimes but not always
we try without trying
to ignore what we see, but
the truth keeps on lying

alone in this kaos
sleeping wide awake
stressful bliss beckones
to see how much i can take

in danger of not knowing
where the end begins
bearing countless lossess
are those who actually win

pleasure holding pain
wrong becoming right
miserably content suffering
in this contradicting life

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. This is a powerful piece, and certainly rings true to the chaos of life we sometimes experience. Good imagry and polished effect. Write on!

  2. Thank you for takin the time to read this poem .. Its an oldy but a goody. A world of contradictions keeps us on our toes.