Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sometimes when boundaries seem endless
And days seem infinite, a greater beauty is over-looked
Viewing life through eyeholes of a blind man
Resentful towards a view blanketed by darkness
Space and time stolen without warning
Accepting the acts that leave us in tears
Become the pacifist who spreads love instead of hate
A hero to a world of little hope and many dreams
Swallow the pride that restricts progress
And choke on the failures that lead to victory
Experience simplicity and the value of no money
In this counterfeit nation encircled by deception
Destroy unwanted emotions that enslave and torment souls
Contribute smiles to those who cannot love

Can we survive in the art of misdirection?
By a society who lacks a logical explanation?

Nothings definite in a world full of change
Become the communal savior for the unwanted seeking guidance
Only those with self-interest underestimate the beauty of another
Slandering individuals to help maintain self-acceptance
A path left un-walked by the impressionable
Today rethink your position in life
Without persuasions that lead your thoughts astray
The road to perdition is paved with many sinners
Because the gates above did read “Access Denied”
Sometimes we confuse freedom as a privilege
By birth we have the right to obtain anything
Somehow humanity has fallen off course
A manipulative mask-wearing machine

Volunteer your veins for another injection
Get your fix of misdirection.

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. only those with selfinterest underestimate the beauty of another ...really like that line...and some times we confuse freedom for privlege...hot...true that...tell it

  2. Only those with self-interest underestimate the beauty of another..powerful line..enjoyed your poem..right on target