Tuesday, February 28, 2012


rational thoughts you try to resist
a molded mind has crippled you
logical pursuations you've dismissed
dedication you're bound to prove

punitive techniques such as these
only endanger your souls progress
religion is the driving disease
that contributes to this mess

a false position beckons to
devour your rights to choose
a way to alienate the new
and avoid anothers views

rejecting possibilities that there's 
more to life than your book
displays how little you really care
and how much you over-look

acquired traits have only confused
which direction you should take
life is about being true
and enjoying the path you've made

avoid pursuations that chain you down
and those nagging inhibitions
allow happiness to be found
without the crutches of religion

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 


  1. Your blog posts are precoius to me, Angel ... Love, cat.