Thursday, January 19, 2012

* I wrote this in treatment. 


the first day I didn't know what to expect
all that was certain is I was an the rest
bound by shame yet the court provided
a stepping stone that became my guide
       was I really just like you
       in denial once but now I knew
       that drugs have only weighed me down
       and have left my future on shaky ground

these people seemed so free to share
they weren’t embarrassed of the mistakes they bared
for they actually cared enough to listen
and never judged when we felt like bitching
       realities hard for us all to face
       each painful memory we often re-trace
       to figure out what brought us here
       as we proudly learn to over-come our fears

tears are shed because we're healing
it's a healthy way to share our feelings
a support group we found in each other
has helped us on the path to recover
       persuaded by people from our past
       by those who still wear the addict mask
       to reap the seeds that we once sowed
       but stronger we are now to just say no

your faith reminds your disease
that you no longer crave its needs
life has become much more than drugs
found in family, friends and love
       prone to relapse, we've all been there
       these are the traits we all will share
       if you feel like you can't fight the monster
       call and find comfort in your sponsor

try not to dwell or focus on your past
for we can not change our taken paths
just for today concentrate on the now
because tomorrow might not always be around
   some of these choices we are forced to make
   when they no longer apply, we forget what's 
         at stake
         in the end it's only you , your decisions will hurt
         so are drugs more important than what your
         freedom is worth?

are you strong enough to prevent relapse
because each time it's harder to come back
even though life loves to bring us down
drugs are not the answer, a fact I’ve found
       expectations have slowly worn us thin
       on a path where we constantly start over again
       living each day in recovery clean
       is a battle yet a blessing we strive to achieve

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell