Thursday, December 15, 2011


Chaotic impulse
Deafening screams
A world so corrupted
By this deadly disease

Destruction of masses
To control its growth
Nobody realizes
Your innocence, they stole

Lack of freedom
Lack of soul
You’re on the right path
To no control

Pain spilled over
From heartache eyes
Don’t you understand
All they feed is lies

A complex world
And we're strung along for the ride
When you give life all you got
Nothing in return, just doesn’t seem right

Earning what you make
Making what you earn
Nothings ever ours
A hard lesson, I have learned

A spineless government
Who decides our right’s
Not a damn thing they accomplish
Besides screwing up our lives

We can walk this path alone
No fucking hands we need to hold
Just give us a chance and I bet
We can make it on our own.

Constitute our rights
I declare that we are free
Nothing can stop us now
We are who, we will be.

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


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