Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I hate feeling obligated to fit
where i don't belong
amongst these trends we've classified
what's perceived wrong

i hate how judgmental views
can damage ones pride
another soul underestimated
within societies eyes

i hate the fact that stupidity
has become a disease
or how the ability for ignorance
is repeatedly conceived

i hate how anger paves the way
to what we might regret
words reveal concealed emotions
a heart can not forget

i hate how everything i have
is only temporary
except these scars that i hide
and pain i can not bury

i hate depending on another
to lend a helping hand
for if strength is in numbers
than I’m the weakest man

i hate how dysfunction has
become a televised event
a display of how ridiculous
we, humanity can get

i hate how priorities become
a self-gratifying game
promises kept to satisfy
the ability for one to gain

i hate the uncertainty my
future holds for me
I’ve worked my ass off to get this far
But my goal is to succeed

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

1 comment:

  1. I can so relate to your "inability" to function without music. I too have been a promoter, booker, tour manager.
    Your "I hate poem" is just the best!! How dare ppl tell us what we need, and artificial masks trying to persuade us as if 5 year olds and conjure up our needs. A graceful bow to you, and keep rocking!!...Love, Nora