Thursday, August 11, 2011


Fuck life
Fuck you
Fuck everything you put me through

Fuck men
Fuck lies
Fuck this life I’ll leave behind

Fuck memories
Fuck time
Fuck the fact that I was blind

Fuck deception
Fuck greed
Fuck stealing what you need

Fuck lovers
Fuck friends
Fuck the hopes for this to mend

Fuck love
Fuck fate
Fuck this life of pure heartache

Fuck trying
Fuck loving
Fuck people who are not giving

Fuck your mom
Fuck your dad
Fuck them both, for you, they had

Fuck days
Fuck years
Fuck you all including my peers

Fuck work
Fuck bills
Fuck my life and heart you killed

Fuck forever
Fuck today
Fucking weak ass couldn’t stay

Fuck hopes
Fuck dreams
Fuck these scars you make bleed

Fuck happiness
Fuck smiles
Fuck this world that’s in denial

Fuck promises
Fuck faith
Fuck relationships…it is to late

Fuck differences
Fuck views
Fucking life, has no rules

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell



  1. FUCK YOU!

    The best revenge is to survive yourself!

    Fuck em all.

    Keep writing - that fucks em up the most! They prefer it when you suffer in silence. Fuck that.

    Scream in the ears of all these fuckers.

    Thanks for given me a reason to write fuck (feels good no?)

    I like your poem - Fuck you ;~}


    (i hope you take this in the spirit it was meant - if not swear at me on my blog)

  2. Thanx Arron and James!! .. Didnt know who would dig this and who wood end up being offended haha. =)

  3. ha. way to tell them and to speak it true..sometimes it feels good just to flip the salute and let fly...

  4. Hahah most defiently Brian!!

  5. :) Fuckin aye! Couldn't agree more! this made me smile because it sounds like the inside of my head at least once a day. very relatable piece.
    R.G. Johnson

  6. haha thats awesome!! .. i know at sum point in life people can relate to writings like these .. sum more than others haha .. I luv writing!! .. Its such a great way to vent and cope!! .. Thanx for checkin out my blog!!